After the initial Twitter delight at the first issue of Grant Morrison’s MULTIVERSITY, everyone is now complaining that he’s basically doing exactly what he did with FINAL CRISIS. They’re not wrong, but the turn around time is kind of funny.

what did they expect? it’s called “Mutliversity” for chrissake… like it wasn’t going to be cookie cutter just like every other Grant Morrison multiverse story?




SUPERMAN FAMILY #196. July-August 1979. “Super-Disco Fever!” Written by Cary Burkett, Penciled by Kurt Schaffenberger, Inked by Dan Adkins.

Clark Kent is taken to a discotheque by his fan club and discovers that a madman has hidden several bombs beneath the dance floor.

He slyly uses his super-powers to disarm each one, using only the raw propulsive musk-scented power of … his moves.

(“Shake your bootie?”)

Now THAT’S the Superman I want to see, not Mopey McMoperson.

he would not kneel before Zod, but disco… DISCO will bring Superman TO HIS KNEES