Gareth Evans (director of “The Raid” and “The Raid 2”) discusses his top five action scenes of all time.

I can’t say I agree with all his choices (especially his number one) but it’s amazing to hear how much he respects these scenes and action in general. He has legitimate reasons for enjoying each one he picks and hearing him discuss why is a genuine pleasure.
Evans is a top bloke in my eyes. He sees beyond the kicks and punches but can appreciate a truly good fight when he sees one.



I like that Dredd is the story of two women from a similar background who stand on either side of a personification of the law. They are the only two characters who receive any detail in their backstories and have arcs, while Judge Dredd himself is a faceless automaton that they relate to in different ways. I like that both of them are depicted as warping and undermining sexual violence towards them. Anderson is notable for being fairly in control of her psychic ability (unlike the wincing Jean Grey of the X-Men movies) but never portrayed as a generic badass.