This is costing a lot of money, at a time when we are being warned that we may face revenge attacks from al-Qaida because of our recent drone strike.

We’re going to spend hundreds of thousands, maybe even $1 million on this that we don’t have. Because of these protests, we might even wind up shutting down schools and firehouses because this is costing a lot of money.

Perennial shit-heel (one might call him a "legendarily notorious" or, perhaps infamous fuckwad of New York City politicis) Peter Vallone, Jr. tries to drum up all sorts of fear over what these protests may cost the city

This article is just rich. You’ve got fear-mongering over terrorism (and what amounts to a tacit admission that it’s our stupid international violence that drums up terrorism), insistence on austerity (with added implication that it’s the people that are to blame), and not a hint of awareness of the real reasons behind the city’s budget woes (oh the irony?).

There’s also this amazingly Orwellian bit:

Members of the department have told WNYC that larger presence of “white shirts” is customary at large protests because of the sensitivities involved with trying to enforce the law while respecting First Amendment rights, and according to those sources, officers have been instructed not to make arrests unless explicitly authorized by a lieutenant, captain or inspector to do so.

The general thrust of the article, though, is that the protest is costing the NYPD a lot in time, money, and manpower. I suppose the journalist didn’t bother to ask the NYPD why they’re devoting so many resources (including a watch tower!) to a non-violent action that’s seen 0 damage to people or property (that wasn’t done by the NYPD itself)….

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