Harumphing My Way Through The Literature

Usually only a handful of people give a darn what I might be reading at any given time but apparently people care a bit more about what I’m not reading. We got some Baker fans in the house, it seems. Annotations said:

Actually, I’ve always harbored a fear that upholding Baker as one of my “favorite” contemporary writers says something awful about me, i.e. that I respect boredom more than a person alive at this stage in the decline of our civilization/planet should be. BUT! Well, frankly, I have no follow-up to that but. Or I do. Whatever. You could also seek out one of Baker’s sex books. Or just read whatever you’ve already picked. I’m always reminded that I miss comic books when I see your posts. Have you ever read Nightfisher by R. Kikuo Johnson?

First this: I’ve read Baker before, but only his non-fiction.

Second: I haven’t put down Mezzanine for good. Just for right now. There’s something about the prose and idea that I just can’t handle right now. I need things that rolls, na’mean? Also, if only it were realistic bordeom, I could understand. I might even love it, then, but it just felt like a lot of nonsense to me. Or, the sort of mind I currently despise. Like I said, a younger, more curious self would have been interested to see what horrible things (such as existing) happen to the protagonist. An older and more patient self will be content to just read words and be gently amused. Right now though? Fuck that guy.

Third: Maybe I should read one of Baker’s sex books, if only to complain because there doesn’t seem to ever be good writing about sex, just like there doesn’t seem to ever be any good writing about fighting, though I’m always interested in reading more of it in search of different ideas in how it should be done.

And finally: Yes, I have read Nightfisher and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking to seeking to immerse themselves into Hawaii without going there. It’s succesful on that note and more. I’m anticipating his follow-up.

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