Bone Folder

This is a bone folder. When I forget the name I call it a bone machine. It is a paper folding tool, made usually from the leg bone of a cow or deer. It is one of those tools that seems very simple but reveals complexity as you use it. Helene has three of various origin. One is old and worn and too small for my hand. The other two are larger, whiter, newer.

When folding paper, you draw the flat belly of the tool from the folded edges of the page towards the spine, then flatten your newly-formed crease with the rounded edges of the tool’s point.

When hand-folding a book’s pages (even a short one, of limited edition) this action must be completed hundreds of times. For the rest of the day you feel the bone’s weight in your fingers even though you’re not holding it. Your mind folds paper as your hand types, rests, chops carrots.

my favorite tool that i use fairly regularly.

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    I always liked the feel of these too, so smooth and worn, and warms to the touch of your hand.
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    Bone folders are the best.
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    my favorite tool that i use fairly regularly.
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