Imagine the sounds of one of those massive 5400-square foot American flags whipping and flapping in an unrelenting wind as you read this…. 

 me: Project Sexy Buff Eagle With Nice Muscles
 me: Project Damn That Eagle Is Good Looking, I Wouldn’t Usually Be Attracted To Eagles But Damn
 Dolan: Project Hanging Around Rough Parts of Eagle Town Just There For No Reason Just Happen To Maybe Get In Over My Head With An Eagle This Isnt Me This Isnt ME
 me: Project Take Me Eagle, Let’s Soar, Let’s Reach New Heights In Consumation
 Dolan: Project Eagle Sex Anonymous
Project Calling All of the Eagles I Have Hurt
 me: Project Eagle Dick. That’s Right, Just Coming Right Out And Saying It Now: Eagle Dick
 Dolan: Project An Eagle’s Dick Has Wings Too That Stretch My Body From Ear to Ear
 Deborah: one of our best gay clubs in MPLS is called the Eagle
 me: there is also an Eagle in NYC known for its Bear nights…
 Dolan: Eagle’s Bear night, that’s great
 me: Hot Eagle’s Bear Night Out II: The Reckoning

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