I Do Enjoy The Magnetic Fields

Report from MPLS friend on an interview in one of their alt-weekly’s out there:

Q: What is your least favorite song to listen to?

Stephen Merritt of Magnetic Fields: [long pause]There are so many choices. I think it would have to be John Lennon’s “Imagine.” It makes me want to shoot him. I violently object to the political sentiment and I also hate the piano playing. It’s like being forced to read a greeting card very slowly [pause] at gunpoint [pause] in the Soviet Union in 19[pause]71… It’s funny that a billionaire would say, “Imagine there’s no possessions, I wonder if you can.”

Q: I guess it is an interesting song.

Merritt: I don’t think it’s an interesting song at all, and I wish it would go out of print.

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    I love the sentiment of Imagine, but yes, I think Lennon was a wealthy fucking hypocrite.