slavoj zizek on wrestling


some possible critiques (with a little help from friends!):

  • my god. can’t you see? in the same way you get coffee without caffeine, beer without alcohol, ice cream without fat, they will try to make this into a harmless wrestling show
  • you have this man, Triple H, who says “it is time to play the game”. But this is no game, my god, this is pure ideology
  • in this wwe universe of stalinist metaphors of “loyalty. hustle. respect” it is only, i claim, brock lesnar who is the true ass kicker.
  • what best demonstrates this? well today, you get Kane with a Human Face
  • you hear constantly this phrase, “that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so”. But who is this man, Stone Cold, that he should determine truth?
  • stone cold as an intervention of the real… my god. you hear the smash and he gives the stunner, you know? it is as my good friend alain badiou would put it - the event
  • it is kane who, i claim, embodies the old freudian dream of the burning child. i mean it quite literally. “father, can’t you see that i am burning?”… but in the wwe universe this problem takes on a new distinction - “son, can’t you see that i am locked in the boiler room?
  •  john cena after the royal rumble - he runs around, he shouts, he cheers, he doesh nothing to sell this apparent gruelling victory to us. but brock lesnar, i claim, takesh the system more seriously than it takes itself, breaksh the arm of HHH, and is fired by vince. is this not an expression of our present moment at its puresht?
  • It is *waves hands* not true when people attack Vince as an egotist “he is greedy, he does not care” my god, no! Vince for me is quite an idyllic figure, someone who is ready to stake everything so audience grows, heat circulates, his happiness is totally subordinated to WWE
  • “ideology” is, in this precise sense, a notion which, while designating a real problem, blurs a crucial line of separation. it is, i claim, only though the universal kernel of CM Punk’s pipebomb that this crucial line of separation can be made clear.
  • In my new, updated, edition, of In Defensh of Losht Caushes, I inclood a chapter on history’s most reviled figure… Zhe Rock
  • that’s why i claim that chris jericho, today, in our era of postmodern relativism, is more actual than ever
  • stipulations? i would like to face you in a - my god, what do you call it? “a hell in the cell”… why, you may ask? i am not afraid of the cell. because my god - the underlying irony is that, in our individualistic competitive society, the most useless advice concerns survival in extreme physical situations
  • for me, best example of how ideology functions, is zhe nexhus, yes, zhey are working outshide bounds of law, and so on, but, really, the system, requires them to do this, to survive. if wreshler appears to be subverting Vince, look closher, perhaps, at deeper level, he is helping Vinsh
  • i think for ush, in the WWE today, the rock operatesh much as the figure of tito in my old country of yugoshlavia
  • you know: bill gates, warren buffet and these ‘philanthropist’ as they put it… but you know the wwe universe is a wonderful thing - take this ‘million dollar man’. he is, how should i put it? kind of a scum of the earth. he flaunts his wealth, his pure excess. he says “everything has its price and im the million dollar man”… unlike in the sphere of politics of economy he is rightly a heel! in wwe universe, i claim, the logic of postmodern capitalism is laid bare
  • and, my god, vince mcmahon, he is a republican - my friend tells me the other day he is the largest donor to donald trump - but he has the figure of jack swagger, this “Real American”, a heel. here, i claim, we see vince mcmahon traversing the fantasy of his own politics, the vision the american right has of itself as this hated villain
  • you know, these pseudo left liberals throw out the same old lines of “my god slavoj, don’t you know that this is fake. none of is it real and so on?” MY GOD. NO. I CLAIM THE EXACT OPPOSITE. RAW IS MORE REAL THAN THE REAL ITSELF
  • my god, no, Hitman did not “have the balls” to really change things. All his actions were fundamentally reactions. he acted so that nushing would really change, he acted to prevent threat of real change within the WWE
  • It is easy, from today’s perspective, to mock the “pessimists,” from the Right to the Left, who deplored the blindness and compromises of the Vince in the PG era, his lack of ethico-political strength and courage in dealing with the American moral threat

thanks to manes, @joolsd,  


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