Power can be wielded creatively and effectively on behalf of whatever it is the wielder wants. Now of course there are constraints, plenty of them. Smart politicians spend their time working to maximize the constraints they want to impose and weakening the ones they want to overcome. But the basic Reaganite liberal argument defending supplication towards Obama these days is that Obama is “disappointing”. In this line of thought, powerful corporate interests and Republicans are preventing him from enacting what his real agenda would be were he unfettered by this mean machine. Eric Schneiderman, who is in a far less powerful position as New York Attorney General, shows that this is utter hogwash. Obama is who he is, and anyone who thinks otherwise is selling something.

Matt Stoller: Power Politics – What Eric Schneiderman Reveals About Obama

Like his predecessor Obama is a war president (perhaps even more so). Like his predecessor Obama believes in the banks (regardless of the evidence that they’re fleecing us). Like his predecessor Obama has little care for the law when it gets in the way of the interests of power (but Obama’s even worse when it comes to whistleblowers). It baffles me that Republicans don’t want to re-elect this guy.

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