Batgirl: Year One and Cassandra Cain and Spoiler and Huntress and that whole era when Batman had a brood of teenaged sidekicks running around having feelings on rooftops.

this was the greatest. And Damien Wayne was an amazing addition to it all. And then they killed half of them and shelved/disappeared the other half and Batman became boring-as-fuck fascist with nothing to recommend him once more.




Reminder that in the Adventure Time comics, Finn, Jake, and the Ice King go into a dungeon of illusions created by the Lich…and it’s absolutely heartbreaking.

Reminder that the Adventure Time comics are really beautifully written and drawn and aaaaaaaa

This concept is basically "For The Man Who Has Everything" (for me the greatest thing Alan Moore has ever done). Surely the idea is older than even that, but that’s the version I always come back to. And I think about it often. And especially today.

Today I actually even asked for the Black Mercy. Not so that I could live out some fantasy, but so I could even know what that fantasy even was. This was an element that stuck w/ me for Moore’s version (less so the Ice King) that there are certain elements to the Perfect Life that even Superman was surprised that he seemed to want. I actually resent Finn and Jake here a bit because at the least the Ice King knew what he wanted and here it is. Can you imagine? I dunno. I can’t. Because right now I can’t even imagine my Ultimate Dream. I don’t even know. I see everything as that complicated. I cannot, right now, cut through, not without some agent of black mercy, some sort of twisted grace. 

I don’t mean to say I live a particularly unhappy life. In fact, here is where Moore’s idea excels beyond that of the Adventure Time comic… Superman (and even Batman, with his “mission”) has drive and purpose and happiness. And yet the Black Mercy offers something even beyond that. It offers the deepest MISSED desires DESPITE a present and obvious happiness. It’s what separates the Sadness of this Adventure Time portion from the Tragedy of “For The Man Who Has Everything.” [edit: I mean jeeze, it’s right there in the name]

I am also scared of what it would look like. I wonder how far I’ve been corrupted by this nightmare world we live in. Part of me balks at the presumption of purity I see in so many. How do you know and can you tell me how? Part of the fullness of the beautiful worlds the Black Mercy gives to Batman and Superman is general, not just individual, peace. Superman still has a world to truly call home, Batman’s grand Mission is unnecessary. That’s fine for the latent desires of our archetypes/Gods, but what of our human and broken selves? I desire the release of the Black Mercy for some sort of Peace where I don’t feel destroyed by the pain manifest across a globe I feel entirely, absolutely! helpless to protect, but what does my truly desired peace even look like anymore? Place the Black Mercy on me and will you find me mumbling, like Mongul, about the stars run red?