Atari Teenage Riot - Black Flags (feat. Boots Riley)

Musically it’s a bit too “something I would have listened to in the 90s and then forgotten about” but I really love the bit with Boots Riley:

my flow, it sputters like they shut off my water 
i got the sheriff after me for what i said bout obama 
my flag is red like a period 
i’m a piranha 
just like every one of y’all 
let’s take that shark to the slaughter 
and here we gotta beat bouncin’ more than last months rent check 
the boss walkin’ walll street with a pimp step 
people of whoville! 
we need to slit the grinch’s neck 
we low paid prostitutes with no fishnets 
ash-sha`b yurid isqat an-nizam 
tell homeland security we are the bomb 
inform the house staff the mob’s on the lawn 
and it aint no soiree 
il ne c’est pas bon 
they call this black flags 
but i’m not an anarchist 
i’m on some sickle/hammer shit 
collective bruce banner shit 
over a piano pitch 
cock and let the hammer hit 
we’re here collecting damages 
and handing knuckle sandwiches