DJ Steve Porter - John Tortorella’s Press Conferences

This is simply amazing.

Let’s just say that I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Totorella and I were related to each other.

Nice work digging against the Caps, Rangers. Everyone baffled at how the #1 team in the East could only barely make it to the Conference Finals after 14 games let me tell you: THE WHOLE SEASON HAS BEEN LIKE THIS. Go Rangers, Beat Devils.

trailer for Videocracy (nsfw-ish?)

In a videocracy the key to power is the image.

In Italy one man only has kept the domination of the image over three entire decades. As a TV-magnate and then as Presidente, Silvio Berlusconi has created a perfect system of TV-entertainment and politics.

Like no one else he has influenced the content of commercial television in Italy. His TV-channels, known for their over-exposure of almost naked girls, are seen by many as a mirror of his own taste and personality.”

I haven’t seen this yet (missed its all too short run at the IFC Center) but I intend to. Was reminded by Zizek’s comments on Berlusconi and Italy as a possible future for other capitalist governments obsessed with the spectacle.

It should be noted that the trailer for this film has been banned from airing on Italian television.

Connie Francis - Fallin’

New Jersey born and bred Connie Francis (aka Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero !!!) has some more popular songs (“Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool” or “My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own”) and some arguably more beautiful songs (“Among My Souvenirs” or “Don’t Break The Heart That Loves You”) but “Fallin’ ” is the best Connie Francis song because it’s the one that makes you get up and get down with someone you love.