gotta love how every pro-israel op-ed contains some variant of ‘yes the body count in gaza is grossly disproportionate, but’

how do you continue writing that sentence

racism is how. Zionism (intentional or not) is, by necessity, racism.

A friend of mine has introduced me to the conservative/orthodox world of Judaism and holy shit I grew up with Republican parents but those guys take it to another level

(that level is delusion)

Plenty of anti-Zionist Jews even within the orthodox community though. The irony of Zionism is that not only is it anti-Semitic against the Palestinian people but that, through its cynical representation of what Judaism is and represents, is itself anti-Semitic against Jews as well.


Hamas and The US Legal System


David Cole reviews the report by Human Rights Watch 

Illusion of Justice
Human Rights Abuses in US Terrorism Prosecutions

I concluded that the US government can punish you for trying to help people in Gaza and The West Bank. Draw your own conclusions.

Taken From The New Yorker  Magazine :Terror Prosecutions and Muslim-Americans

Five former employees and board members of what was once the largest Muslim charity in the United States, the Holy Land Foundation, are currently serving sentences of up to sixty-five years in prison—longer than many sentences for murder—for providing “material support” to Hamas. The prosecution offered no evidence that the charity ever supported any violence, let alone terrorist violence. It did not even claim that the charity provided direct material support to Hamas. Instead, the government argued that funds distributed to charities in the West Bank and used for peaceful, charitable purposes amounted to aiding Hamas because these charities were fronts for Hamas—even though the government had never designated them as such and had itself provided aid to some.

Is there any way to even talk to a Zionist?

I mean, is there any way to engage in an even remotely constructive conversation with someone that steeped in the ideology of the destruction of Palestine and its people? Is there any way to get them to step outside of their own ideology for a moment and question their assumptions? Seriously, if you have any tricks let me know cuz I’m about a hair’s breadth away from swearing off even speaking entirely to anyone who betrays that kind of sympathy.

Note: I count as a Zionist anyone who is basically just parroting IDF (or White House/American) propaganda, whether they self-identify as Israeli or not.