In the last 48 hours Israel has:

1. Annexed another 1,000 acres of West Bank land
2. Seized $55,000,000 dollars of PA tax revenue
3. Broken the ceasefire by firing at fishermen
4. Broken the ceasefire by not opening the border crossing for goods
5. Destroyed a dairy factory in Hebron
6. Destroyed five houses and a farm belonging to Bedouin near Jerusalem
7. Destroyed a family home in Silwan, making 11 children homeless
8. Shot and critically injured a man in Qalqilya
9. Kidnapped 17 people from Jenin
10. Kidnapped 7 people from Nablus

And that’s just the stuff that I know about. -via Omar Robert Hamilton

Just because your media isn’t flooded with news of rocket attacks does not mean nothing is going on.

Israel murdering people isn’t considering news. Desperate victims using ineffective cobbled-together weapons in a last-ditch attempt to defend themselves, startling their killers’ pets and creating shallow potholes in the street, is news.

I, personally, have gotten up to mischief that caused more property damage than the average Hamas “rocket.” And I’ve known kids who built bigger and more dangerous rockets, and all they got was grounded for a few months.

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We either live free or we die here.

A Palestinian in Gaza, from this interview with BBC (quote begins at 2 minutes)

Extended quote:

Palestinian man: “We either live free or we die here.”

Interviewer: “What about the argument that if Hamas stopped firing rockets into Israel—”

Palestinian man: “No, no, this is not an argument. We have lived under blockade for the last seven years. We have been deprived for the last seven years. Don’t talk to me about rockets that is so tiny small. Look at this! [motioning to rubble of a destroyed neighborhood] This is a nonsense argument. We didn’t start it, they started it. In the 2008 agreement they fulfilled nothing. 2012 agreement, they fulfilled nothing. Why should we believe this time the ceasefire when they say let’s negotiate? Negotiating with the Israelis is a waste of time.”

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Anonymous asked:

Why do you hate Israel? Every other country in the region gives no rights to women. They punish rape victims, forbid women from driving, etc. Israel allows women the right to work, vote, go out in public on their own. Is it because they're currently fighting with terrorists who constantly bomb their citizens? I just don't get it.

murderwhitepeople answered:

Israel allows WHITE JEWISH women freedoms. Israel has democracy for WHITE JEWS only. Israel grants full access to education, healthcare, and suffrage to WHITE JEWS only. The black Ethiopian Jewish women who are sterilised for not being white sure don’t benefit from the freedoms you’re talking about.

Israel is built on institutional discrimination. Freedom, education, healthcare, voting, and all other liberties that Israel claims to espouse are only fully accessible to the WHITE JEWISH POPULATION. The Palestinian people, from who Israel has robbed swathes of land, do not benefit from any Israeli democracy. Ask the Palestinian women stopped at checkpoints in the West Bank and forced out of their cars at gunpoint if they feel liberated and free under Israeli occupation. Ask the Palestinian people who are fed a calorie-counted diet if Israeli militarism has opened their eyes to liberty. Ask the Palestinians who have had their homes in the West Bank demolished countless times by the Israeli authorities if that was a manifestation of Israeli liberalism. 

And have you even been to the Middle East? The women are not chained up at home by any stretch of the imagination and I find it really disturbing that you would tokenise them in an effort to score internet points for Israel.


This is one of the most important responses I’ve seen in a long time.

fucking liberals



This is horrifying, and coming out of the mouth of an Israeli lawmaker. This is a genocide based entirely on wanting to kill all Palestinian civilians. 

baffling how this common attitude, whether in this clear rhetoric or disguised by the Israeli PR machine, gets ignored


But the state of Israel was not created for the salvation of the Jews; it was created for the salvation of the Western interests. This is what is becoming clear (I must say that it was always clear to me). The Palestinians have been paying for the British colonial policy of “divide and rule” and for Europe’s guilty Christian conscience for more than thirty years.

Finally: there is absolutely—repeat: absolutely—no hope of establishing peace in what Europe so arrogantly calls the Middle East (how in the world would Europe know? having so dismally failed to find a passage to India) without dealing with the Palestinians. The collapse of the Shah of Iran not only revealed the depth of the pious Carter’s concern for “human rights,” it also revealed who supplied oil to Israel, and to whom Israel supplied arms. It happened to be, to spell it out, white South Africa.