Act 13 does many things to elevate the rights of gas companies above the civil rights of people and communities. To start, it revokes local zoning authority to discourage oil and gas development, stating, “this section pre-empts and supersedes the local regulation of oil and gas operations” (page 162). Municipalities can adopt some rules on how drilling is to be done, but they cannot say no to drilling.

The law also gives the industry the power to seize private property for any part of a drilling operation. On page 65, it states, “a corporation empowered to transport, sell or store natural gas or manufactured gas in the Commonwealth may appropriate an interest in real property” for “injection, storage and removal” of hydrocarbons. However, it does not require the industry to notify any town government of leases it has acquired or of a future interest in using any property—for say, a pipeline or processing facility. Neither homeowners nor other businessmen seeking to develop property are protected if the gas industry intends to use their land.

The law also prevents heath professionals from discussing medical impacts. On page 99, it requires oil and gas companies to tell medical professionals what chemicals are used in drilling fluids—but only after they sign “a statement of need and a confidentiality agreement.” However those details—the chemicals in drilling fluid and medical significance—it states a page later, are secret and “shall not be a public record.”

Fracking Democracy: Why Pennsylvania’s Act 13 May Be the Nation’s Worst Corporate Giveaway

1. Sorry, Pennsylvania, but you’re fucked.
2. How, exactly, can you be a politician in favor of this and not realize you are truly fucking your constituents who you, allegedly, serve? How is it not painfully obvious  to all who might say something (ANY other politician, the news, the law/courts, their own fucking consciences if there is such a thing) that by signing something like this you’ve obviously been bought by these companies?
3. If you’re the sort of asshole who defends this sort of thing (“Jobs! It’ll create jobs!” I can hear such shitheels saying already), like whoever that dumbfuck was arguing with OneFootInTheGrave over this sort of thing, you can go take a long walk into a fracking hole and disappear forever.