So sad. This guy made some really good records.


Ed Banger producer DJ Mehdi has passed away at age 34. Here’s the incredible video for his track “Signatune”.

Oh man… Mehdi was that rare class of musician who could make a whole room that wasn’t even there to see him still go absolutely apeshit on the dancefloor. I’ve seen it happen first hand.



Howard Zinn, the Boston University historian and political activist who was an early opponent of US involvement in Vietnam and a leading faculty critic of BU president John Silber, died of a heart attack today in Santa Monica, Calif, where he was traveling, his family said. He was 87.

Without Howard Zinn, I wouldn’t have gone into History. Simple as that.

Since the number 1 French problem was the Algerian problem it was necessary to recall the Left to the only road that can be theirs in such a matter: solidarity with a people in struggle for its freedom. Since the Left had lost its sense of action, it was necessary to act in order to give this back to it, and thus act in the sense of that solidarity. Since the Left couldn’t manage to unite it was necessary that each of our undertakings be, in itself, an example of unity in action. And since solidarity doesn’t accommodate itself to solipsism, and since its truth demands that it be recognized by those with whom we claim to be in solidarity, it was necessary that our Algerian comrades not confuse us with all the loudmouths and advice-givers that the Left had so generously graced them with…
I know that we are accused of treason. But I ask, who and what do we betray? Judicially we are plunged in a civil war, since the Algerians are considered full French citizens; we thus don’t betray France. In fact, the national community no longer exists; where are its great axes, where are its lines of force, where are the fixed points of its structure? No nationalist mysticism, no neo-Barresianism will ever persuade me to confess to a sense of community with MM Debré and Kovacs, with General Massu and Lt Charbonnier, with the agents of repression and those who work to justify it. No formal sense of civic duty will make me admit that there still exist “legal forms of conduct and common obligations” when the president of the republic himself- the Savior of France — makes himself the champion of illegality by taking power thanks to a coup de force and in not applying the constitution that he himself had voted for under these very conditions. Every day the domain of the arbitrary grows. Yesterdays’ legality is ceaselessly revised; a simple decree allows a state of emergency to be declared that parliament — with all its benevolence, and the very moment it voted pleins pouvoirs — hadn’t granted.
Of course, this isn’t fascism. But if we betray something at this moment is it anything but a subversive enterprise carried out against an unstable regime by fascist forces that had installed it as transitional two years ago?