"La Mamma Morta" from the opera Andrea Chenier (Umberto Giordano) as preformed by Maria Callas.

Io sono l’amore, io sono l’amor, l’amor
E l’angelo si accosta, bacia,
e vi bacia la morte!
Corpo di moribonda è il corpo mio.
Prendilo dunque.
Io son già morta cosa!
I am love, love, love
And the angel approaches, kisses me,
and in that kiss is death!
The moribund body is my body.
So take it.
I have already died like that!

I highly recommend the movie Io Sono L’amore which takes its name from this aria. I watched it for a second time last night and noticed so much more that was going on with it. I think that this and Antichrist came a bit late in ‘09 to really be appreciated and wind up on “best of the decade” lists, but I think it deserves it.