13) They put the arena camera on Ted Leonsis during the game, so he can be cheered like some dictator … or Trump.

14) I was noticing that the replays were better and much more plentiful, and that the cameras were zooming in on the right guys at the right times. Then I realized I was watching the CBC feed, and not the NBC feed.

15) Saw The Captain after the game. I asked Mess if he was glad he wasn’t playing. He said it’s tougher to watch a game like that than it is to play one.

three points from the Game 3 review that made me laugh…

To #13 - ha, yeah, those DC-ers really have a thing for figureheads and dictators.

To #14 - sigh…. NBC seems kinda bad for sports in general, no?

To #15 - Messier is still an animal.

Ok…. Game 4… Let’s do this.