We are inspired by your courage and steadfastness. We applaud your creativity and commitment. We stand in solidarity with you as you engage in transformative conversations that aim to build a more just, open, diverse and equitable society; one that reflects the Kingdom of God.

Oh, didn’t know that The Center and Library for the Bible and Social Justice had gotten off the ground and opened its doors this month? There are a great many reasons to be interested in and enjoy this new resource, but aside from the obvious there’s a bit I particularly loved as described by an archival partner in crime of mine with a heavy stake in the Center:

…it’s hardly revolutionary at this point to say that libraries are facing serious challenges to their traditional role as “the place where the books are kept.” With a growing emphasis on remote access and electronic resources, libraries are desperately searching for reasons to maintain themselves as brick-and-mortar institutions. Around the world, libraries are closing, and those that aren’t are making dramatic changes to their service models, trying to build their digital collections and online presences.

The CLBSJ moves in the opposite direction. Instead of privileging virtual space, we value physical space. Instead of focusing on a social media campaign, we’re trying to build a community of people dedicated to keeping the (very real) doors of our library open. Instead of an online conversation, we’re committed to bringing people together in a room where they can have transformative conversations, face-to-face. You could almost say we’re so old-fashioned we’re cool.

More than one sort of revolution I can get behind.