Most observations of animal suicide come from laboratories where the creatures have been kept under stress, sometimes deliberately, to see what will happen, sometimes from ignorance. A keeper repeatedly found young octopuses dead on the side of the tank. With great effort they had dragged themselves out of the water and clung to the glass, where they desiccated. The octopuses had been kept isolated, one per tank, in clean glass expanses, the water unrelieved by any life forms. The deaths stopped once the keeper leavened the tanks with corks and plastic seaweed. This was enough, though maybe just barely, to ward off sensory deprivation and despair.

from Suicide Among Animals by Angela Woodward

I don’t know if this story is 100% true. You can find enough references on the internet to it that make you think it may be so… As one such writeup suggests, “Allowing an animal to behave like an animal goes a long way.”

Whether absolutely true or not, let that be your True For Tuesday.