Doesn’t being an Auteur, especially in the modern sense, mean almost exactly that you’re a one trick pony?

Hungry Ghost

re: Miranda July

(via 6h057)

This thought was actually born of “After Me And You And Everyone We Know, did/do I/we need a single other thing from Miranda July?” For me the answer is a pretty easy “No.” The same goes for Gondry, pick either Science of Sleep or Eternal Sunshine… and you can trash the rest as repeatable, predictable same-on-a-theme (visually and otherwise…). Of course, when I think about it, I’ve absolutely devoured every succesive effort from Nicholas Winding Refn (who certainly has a style you could define) so the “one trick” ish isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but makes “worth” come down exteremely to a simple matter of taste where Your Mileage May Vary.