So, It’s come to this…

Game 7? OK, Let’s fuckin do this.

The Good:

Derek Stepan

and Chris Kreider:

It’s hard not to fall in love with this group, just the way they work.

The Bad:

The officiating this whole series, but particularly that kicked-in “goal” towards the end of Game 6 which made Lundqvist choose some apt words for the refs:

The Ugly:

Chris Neil… I didn’t think his hit on Boyle was a suspendable offense until I reviewed it and realized he had plenty of time, lined it up, and was pretty clearly gunning for Boyle’s head with his shoulder. I’m sure if Boyle’s name were “Hossa” or “Alfredsson” the league would be thinking differently. Don’t think Neil’s a scumbag gunning for heads? How about his comment on Michael Del Zotto:

I’m sure I’ll catch him with his head down one of these times.

class act….

Anyway, it’s game a 7 at Madison Square Garden which doesn’t happen often so… LET’S GO RANGERS.