We talked about it after the last game, you don’t change your approach. Personally, I’m going into this game with the same feeling I had in each game I had in the playoffs. I don’t want to change anything, we know they’re going to come hard but they’ve been playing hard every game. But the last few games here we’ve been playing really well so we feel confident, we know what we have to do.

Henrik Lundqvist on tonight’s Game 6 in Washington (via fuckyeahhenriklundqvist)

So, that’s the “one thing” about this team. They never change their plan, they always do things the same way, and they never stop fighting. It doesn’t mean they’re blowing teams out of the water, in fact the closeness of these playoff games has been their entire season (which was almost the best in the League). What they have is consistancy. So, on that note:

Ok, Let’s do this.