the bbc straight up published an article titled this

the “balance” where they ask an israeli and palestinean what they think and then put them together as if they’re both equal and legitimate views

the contrast between them is really stark of course though: one is struggling to study for their exams because the air raid sirens go off a lot, the other “The water is running out and there is no electricity. We have not had electricity at home for seven days. The salt in the water means it is not suitable for drinking but without electricity you cannot purify the water in the amounts you need. Even the markets are closed.”

balance tho

helpful in keeping track 

STILL the pessimist in me can’t help feel that even if this whole thing puts the feet to the flame for a handful of the powerful (and i’ll still be shocked if that REALLY includes Cameron or even Murdoch), the whole systemic problem, the system of conspiracy of the powerful without any need for concerted conspiracy, will still be firm, perhaps even more-so. When the NOTW scandal is in the rear-view mirror, England (and the world) will still be driving the same shitty car off the same stupid cliff into the same yawning abyss. And how’s your day going?



"The pizza, too, is respectable, especially at Pisa Pizza in Benghazi, where the pies are about a yard in diameter. Proof that Italian colonialism accomplished something after all."

From an actual article published by the New York Times.

(via Inanities | Sarah Carr)

Next time you ask me why I think the NYTimes international reporting is horrible, stupid, and (at times) absolutely disgusting (and i’m not even touching on the war mongering yet), I’m just going to refer you to this one.