demo by my Si-Bak Jung Soo in Korea. Jung Soo is amazing, but my favorite badass in the clip is the woman in the yellow t-shirt/short hair.

heading off some likely questions from the uninitiated:

  • Why is he just tapping them on the chest lightly? Because this is a demo. Don’t be fooled by the clips from Ip Man either, usually those punches would be to an opponent’s face and intended to go through it rather than stopping at it.¬†Similar¬†with any time he dumps a guy on the ground. He was being gentle instead of being an asocial freak.
  • What is up with that palm strike he was giving to their shoulders and backs (from 5:00 mark on)? That’s a demo of “inch force” or the fabled “one inch punch.” Important to note that he’s delivering that force while staying square to his target, no need to stand side-on on and lean into the strike (which you can catch Bruce Lee doing here or here)
  • Why can’t we have shows that are crazy like this in the U.S. instead of shows that are crazy like Oprah? I wish I knew…