Episode two of the “The Spirit of Kung of Kung Fu” documentary series is up. This one focuses on the pole, sword and Hung Gar.

You know who else focuses on the pole? Your mum. ZING!

  • once again don’t buy the “Shaolin Temple” story. Remove the spear-head because a pole is less lethal? It’s still a weapon, gimme a break.
  • The use of that song by The Knife is kinda jarring. I mean, I love that song and all, but it only makes me think of Vikings.
  • Back when I learned a more Hung Gar based style the sword (dao) and spear were my favorite weapons to practice.
  • complaints aside (and though I have many) this series seems pretty good


I know I’ve posted gifs of this fight before, but I don’t know if I’ve posted the actual scene itself.
This is Gordon Liu going up against Phillip Ko Fei in “Eight Diagram Pole Fighter.” While “The 36th Chamber of Shaolin” is considered Liu’s ultimate classic, the choreography in “Eight Diagram…” is actually superior. In fact, you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a weapon based fight scene finer than this one.
And look at what makes the fight. It’s not just the choreography. The vast emptiness of the location, the edits, the camera angles… Lau Kar Leung is underrated a shit as a director.

If you pit this against one of the more popular modern weapon fights, Donnie Yen against Wu Jing in “Sha Po Lang,” I’d say this is miles better.