onefootinthegrave asked:

has anyone in your dojo ever said "everybody have fun tonight, everybody wing tsun tonight?"

yes. it has happened. As has the references to “kung fu fighting”. Inevitable, I guess. Here’s a good one: So Wing Tsun means “Praise Spring” but a lot of people mistranslate it or think it means “Eternal Spring”… Eternal Spring WOULD be “WANG Tsun” …. THE MORE YOU KNOW.

oh and technically we don’t call it a dojo. Not that I mind or care or that it makes a big difference or anything, but “dojo” is a Japanese term. Usually we just call it “the school” but if you wanna get cultural with it “gwoon” or “kwoon” would probably be more accurate.

Er, also, those of you over in the Wing Chun tag should probably be following the Wing Tsun tag too. Just sayin…

from “White Men Of Mortality Various” by Robbie Q. Telfer

It’s hard to say what I mean when what I mean is quicksand lightning bugs, I mean neighborhood fragrances, I mean the birds who live in the airport, I mean potato diseases and I don’t know which ones, I mean I don’t know. I don’t know what I mean. I’m basically bullshitting.

You know?

‎If I see any safety violations, Rogak here is gonna fuck-start your face. Then you get to go home and tell your mothers how you got fucked by a Jew.
closing note of today’s range safety brief delivered to Afghan guards, faithfully translated into Dari, as related to me by Brogak himself. Every language learning course should include “fuck-start”… now, what would be the Latin conjugation of that…