Dr. Waitman Beorn, the Iraq vet and Holocaust studies expert who blew the whistle on Marines’ use of a Nazi SS flag in Afghanistan, explains how poor moral judgment can snowball in a military culture.

This is actually the opposite direction of how war and war crimes work. War Crimes proceed from War itself. Racism, as well, proceeds from war itself. To quote myself, RACISM IS PART OF A PSYCHOSIS THAT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY FOR THE STATE TO WAGE WAR. The conclusion of those involved in the Nuremberg trials was that war crimes follow from the grand crime that is war itself. Absolute kudos to Dr. Beorn for exposing the racist, fascist, murderer fuck Marines (Hoo-rah, you dumb shits), but woe be to his scholarship and his experience if he can’t see War Itself as the problem and this sort of racism as not an aberration, but absolutely par. If you want to end war crimes, wishing for a “purer” war is useless. The “poor moral judgement” is war waged by the State in the first place.