Band Names I Thought Of, 2013

Alternately functions as a list of Superhero and Supervillain names. As always, feel free to name your shitty band with these:

  • Smile Time
  • Picnic Dog
  • Smile Time and the Picnic Dogs
  • Furious Golden Pug
  • The Karate Moon
  • Giant Schnauzer White Lightning
  • Lovecraft & Son
  • Great Banes
  • The Dead Labor
  • A Mute Of Hounds
  • Maudlin Axe
  • The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteburg
  • Punk Clown And The Circus Dogs
  • The Ghost Breaks
  • Donkeys
  • The Rustling Doves
  • Sexy Lucifers
  • Dr. Light and the Wileys
  • Night Librarian
  • The Laugh Mangler
  • Black Radish (this one is for use only if I am in the band)
  • Weasel War Dance
  • PantsBurnLegWound
  • (hidden legal dangers)
  • Dream Is On The Radio
  • The Five Unholy Tongues
  • Mordin Solus and The Genophage
  • Juvenile Crown-Of-Thorns
  • Everything Is A Target
  • Headache Duck
  • One-Armed Boxer
  • Slug Fuck

As long as I’m quoting from After The Future…

Some of my favorite stuff in this book so far is Berardi’s emphasis on sensation, sensitivity vs sensibility, etc…

Subjected to the infinite acceleration of infostimuli, the mind reacts with either panic or desensitization. The concept of sensibility, and the different but related concept of sensitivity, are crucial here. Sensitivity is the ability of the human senses to process information; sensibility is the faculty that makes empathic understanding possible, the ability to comprehend what words cannot say, the power to interpret a continuum of non-discrete elements, nonverbal signs, and the flows of empathy. This faculty, which enables humans to understand ambiguous messages in the context of relationships, might now be disappearing. We are currently witnessing the development of a generation of human beings lacking competence in sensibility, the ability to empathically understand the other and decode signs that are not codified in a binary system. (pg 24)

The realm of sensibility is involved in this ongoing process of cognitive reformatting. Aesthetic, ethical, and political thought is reshaping its observational standpoint and framework around the passage from a conjunctive to a connective form of human concatenation.

Conjunction is becoming-other. In contrast, in connection each element remains distinct and interacts only functionally. Singularities change when they conjoin; they become something other than they were before the conjunction. Love changes the lover and a combination of a-signifying signs gives rise to the emergence of a meaning that hadn’t existed prior. Rather than a fusion of segments, connection entails a simple effect of machinic functionality …
Central to this mutation is the insertion of the electronic into the organic, the proliferation of artificial devices in the organic universe, in the body, in communication, and in society. Therefore, the relationship between consciousness and sensibility is transformed and the exchange of signs undergoes a process of increasing desensitization. …

Aesthetic perception — here properly conceived of as the realm of sensibility and aesthesia — is directly involved in this transformation: in its attempt to efficiently interface with the connective environment, the conscious organism appears to increasingly inhibit what we call sensibility. By sensibility, I mean the faculty that enables human beings to interpret signs that are not verbal nor can be made so, the ability to understand what cannot be expressed in forms that have a finite syntax. This faculty reveals itself to be useless and even damaging in an integrated connective system. Sensibility slows down processes of interpretation and renders them aleatory and ambiguous, thus reducing the competitive efficiency of the semiotic agent. (variously from pgs 39-41)

Yes I am recognizing fully the irony of broadcast of such sentiments on a meme conveyor belt such as Tumblr.

Anyway I’m only about a third of the way through the book so maybe I will post more as I go along…

The virtual class is a class that does not actually exist. It is only the abstraction of the fractal ocean of productive micro-actions of cognitive workers. Virtual class is a useful concept, but does not comprehend the social and bodily existence of those people who perform virtual tasks. The social existence of virtual workers is not virtual, the sensual body of the virtual worker is not virtual. This is why from the theory of the virtual class we have to extrapolate a theory of the cognitariat, or cognitive proletariat, in order to emphasize the physical (erotic, social, neurological) side of the desires and diseases of the workhorse involved in the net economy.
Semiocapital puts neurophysical energies to work, and submits them to the speed of electronic machinery. It compels our cognition, our emotional hardware to follow the rhythm of net-productivity. Cyberspace overloads cybertime, because cyberspace is an unbounded sphere, whose speed can accelerate without limits. But cybertime ( the time of attention, memory, and imagination) cannot speed beyond a limit. If it does, it cracks. And it is actually cracking, collapsing under the stress of hyperproductivity. An epidemic of panic spreading throughout the circuits of the social brain. An epidemic of drepssion is following the outbreak of panic. The crisis of the new economy at the beginning of the zero zero decade has to been as consequence of this nervous breakdown.
Once upon a time, Marx spoke about overpdouction, meaning the excess of available goods that couldn’t be absorbed by the social market. In the sphere of net-production, it is the social brain that is assaulted by an overwhelming supply of attention-demanding goods. This is why the social factory has become the factory of unhappiness: the assembly line of net-production is directly exploiting the emotional energy of the virtual class. We have to become aware of it; we have to recognize ourselves as congitarians. Flesh, body, desire, in permanent electrostimulation.

Franco “Bifo” Berardi, After The Future, pg 55

Reminded of this passage since I saw this article on Hackers trying to figure out why they’re all so dang depressed… Cyberpunk has failed them as it inevitably would and I don’t think they’ve come around on that..

The reconstruction of New Orleans provided the impetus to build a metro-scale wireless broadband network to deliver free public Internet service alongside communications for government and emergency services. Bell South threatened the city with legal action if the New Orleans municipal network continued to be run by the city. Consequently, the network was sold to a third-party company.
USA! USA! USA! (via fourwindsshotgun)