What are you supposed to listen to when you work out?

id recommend listening to full albums you love and know really well, it makes the time go by quicker but it also lets you passively gauge how long youve been at it

sometimes when I lead a workout I will put on the classical station (WQXR here). For one thing I’m usually choosing music just not for me but for a whole group and people have pretty widely varying tastes (in my classes they’d probably want either Thrash/Metal, Electro, or Hip Hop/Rap) so I pick something none of them would, ha. But also even when I’m just working out myself I find Classical (usually symphonies though Opera can be ok too) works really well because it’s not distracting, it’s not silly, the tempo is often much more consistent, it can Zen you out and it can also pump you up and make you feel like a hero.