boys meowing soulfully

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God bless the internet.

Always reblog meow boys.

Amazing. I did a little digging and the piece is called "Duetto buffo di due gatti" (or, “humorous duet for two cats”) and was compiled in 1825, probably by Robert Lucas de Pearsall. Apparently the middle section is Othello and Iago’s duet from Rossini’s Otello. But, you know, if they were cats.

Erik’s context, thank you.



"I Can’t Keep Up" by Tourist (featuring Will Heard)

Observing the trajectory of Tourist’s career has been nothing short of a thrill. With each new song, he’s become more comfortable with the use of vocals and we are blessed because of it. I didn’t think I could love anything more "Together," but then he released this great track which has a fantastic build that blossoms into the most satisfying series of dance breaks. This is bound to be the track that pushes him over into the greater consciousness and I’m so excited to see where that leads. 

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hot damn!