but frankly if I was a high-school teacher with absolute leeway I’d rather have students who left class wanting to firebomb Princeton instead of wanting to grovel and abase themselves for their failure to be born into a precise socio-economic caste for their entire lives.


I like this guy. I like what he does. I like the poems he writes. I like what he’s got to say. Ghost solidarity.

Farmers have complained in recent weeks that their crops are rotting in the fields and orchards because migrant workers afraid of deportation are bypassing Georgia in droves

- Deal Wants Data On Immigration’s Impact On Farms.

My reaction to this was “Ah, stupid Capitalists.” But Dolan’s is better:

"Accidental unionization, inadverant strike. Incidental solidarity!"

We are not divided. It’s them that’s dividing us up, and making us feel like we’re against this other group, that the oil workers are against the green movement and the green movement are against the oil workers. They are not—they are against the oil companies. That’s a big difference. The oil companies don’t care about the oil workers.

Cherri Foytlin, layin it down.

Seriously, read these interviews Mother Jones did and see if it doesn’t make you furious with BP and the gov’t. Remember: Obama won that peace prize in part for his forward thinking environmentalism too. psshhhh.