The Clear Voice of a Sharp Sword

This demonstration shows the different behaviour of sharp swords binding as opposed to blunt training swords, and why it is important to explore this when reconstructing historical European swordsmanship.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Dimicator

i find this stuff endlessly fascinating. martial arts, swords, History and investigation. Also very interested in dispelling the myths (or whatever is taken for granted) in martial arts.



Toby is enjoying some fresh air on the islands!

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Swiss Wrestling

This is how I first learned to throwdown. I started around the age of six and continued pretty consistently until moving to San Francisco. I spent many a summer evening training in the age old sport with my cousins, and would compete in two to three tournaments per season.

Das ist Schwingen…. Simply put, you have to take the guy down in the ring (which is sawdust) pinning both shoulders to the ground, while maintaining at least one grip on the hosen (the burlap shorts, usually the griff or grip is with the right hand on the belt in the rear, and the left hand on the leg of the shorts). At a typical tournament there are 6 rounds and are based on points for win/loss/tie.

The sport is pretty popular out here on the west coast, and very prevalent in Switzerland. Every three years the eidgenössisches (superbowl of Swiss wrestling) is held to crown the true king, Schwinger Koenig.

I’ve built a strong foundation for grappling and throwing as well as a good understanding of waist rotation and central leverage from the sport…. not to mention grip training, try lifting 200 lbs with a leather belt for 5 minutes… now that’s some work!

looks like fun too