Space Sim No Man’s Sky is Expansive and Gorgeous

Written by Elliott Finn

No Man’s Sky is, at it’s heart, a game about exploration. The short announcement trailer, which can be seen above, consists entirely of in-game footage, and opens with a statement that everything in the game is procedurally generated and unique, from leaves, trees, birds, fish and rocks to oceans, clouds, ruins, stars, galaxies and planets. 

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is that a sandworm? That’s a friggen sandworm isn’t it?



Builds are dead. Honor is dead. Dark Souls 2 PVP will eventually come down to this, so get mad. Write petitions now, let FROM know how bad they ** up, and spread the word before it’s too late. This is your final warning.”

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"Honor is dead"

yo, if whatever the hell passed for “honor” in the previous Souls games is dead I am all fucking for it.