Take this transaction for instance. I bought something for $10 from them. They gave me a mythic in game item as a bonus. When I sell that item for $25, they take approx $3.25 out of that. I then spend $13 of that on a game, of which they take a third. So that’s like another $4.22. That totals $7.57 that they have made back from that already. Now, if I purchase another game with the other 10 that I have left, they take another third. This will give them over $10. WHich means I bought an item for $10, but they actually made over $20 on the sale. Fucking genius.
My friend Dave on Valve


there are two things that i really like about jrpgs, “the power of friendship” and “let’s murder god” and xenoblade has both of these

Dragon’s Dogma is one of the best games for this reason. It’s a bit of a “western style” RPG but it’s Capcom and Japanese and you still get that flavor and you have your friend as a partner/companion the whole time (to dramatic effect at the end) and (SPOILERS) in order to complete the game you have to become god and then kill yourself.


Ken Levine isn’t looking for a Job


In light of Ken Levine firing just about everybody at irrational games so he can start a new studio at Take-Two Interactive to makes for the “Core Gamer”, I have a few quick thoughts. Now while I know people who have worked at Irrational games in the past, I am not familiar with the particular studio structure there. That being said, I am familiar generally with the way most video game developers are organized and I will hazard this hypothesis: Ken Levine is the only human being that was really central to the creative process at Irrational Games. 

This seems like an insult to the hundreds who worked on these games, but it’s not. It’s not that these workers didn’t create value, it’s more that even though they were making creative decisions over a variety of problems all the time, their actually profession has been rationalized, streamlined, and scientifically managed to the point that their particular creative skills are replaceable and interchangeable. The only person who wasn’t according to Take-Two, is the creative lead, the Levine. 

Levine’s intent with the first BioShock was to skewer the Randian hero whose supposed individual success was actually built on the backs of the worker, yet he has lived that exact Hero’s life. Under cognitive capitalism the goal for any good manager is to undermine autonomy and unpredictability as much as possible, and keep the actual creative work in the heads of a tiny select few who rule by fiat. That Levine isn’t looking for a job while the rest of the assembly line workers are says a lot about how empty the promise of skilled professionals sharing in the success and wealth of high tech capitalism is. 

Ken Levine is the only human being that was really central to the creative process at Irrational Games. “

That would explain why those games are dumb fucking trash too.