Although the government is considering proposals to sweep all the Africans off the city streets and into jails and out of the country, it has refrained from doing so on a large scale as yet, knowing that this will not photograph well. But its official policy, as publicly expressed by former Interior Minister Eli Yishai and never disavowed since, is to “make their lives miserable”, so that the Africans will pick up and leave of their own volition. With the blessing of the government, gangs of Jews continue to prey upon any African they can get their hands on, to add to the misery-making.

Attack in Tel Aviv: ‘Jewish girls do not go out with Blacks!’

basically Israel and America in a competition to be the #1 Worst, Evil and Most Terrible (and Especially Racist) Country On This Groady Planet Called Earth.



Medieval glasses (2): Hidden in a book

As early as the 13th century, glasses were available to accommodate the reader. That is, if you did not loose them. In the first part of this series on medieval glasses, for example, a reader dropped them into the toilet. The images above illustrate a different kind of loss. They show an imprint of a pair of glasses, which, judging from the stain, had been stuck between the pages for quite some time. The reader likely closed his book with his glasses still inside, placed it back on the shelves, and forgot where he had left them. The trapped device became a stowaway, a time traveller that was released quite some time later. The imprint is a reminder of its journey - and of the fact that misplacing your glasses is of all times.

Pic: Utrecht, Universiteitsbibliotheek, MS 1003 (late 11th century), tweeted some time ago by @edvandervlist. Another imprint of medieval glasses is discussed and illustrated here.

without the explanation I would simply assume it was an imprint of knuckle dusters. Between readings, punch a face.