This is horrifying, and coming out of the mouth of an Israeli lawmaker. This is a genocide based entirely on wanting to kill all Palestinian civilians. 

baffling how this common attitude, whether in this clear rhetoric or disguised by the Israeli PR machine, gets ignored


Demonstrating the illusory nature of the rule of law in Israel when it comes to the rights of Palestinians, Israeli occupation forces on Sunday morning violently expelled dozens of Palestinians who had on Friday established a village they called Bab Al Shams on privately-owned Palestinian that has been seized for Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank.

As Haaretz reported:

Israel’s Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the Palestinian outpost, built in the geographically sensitive area known as E-1, could remain for six days while the issue of the removal of the tents was being discussed. [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu ordered the evacuation immediately, however, despite the court’s ruling.

Netanyahu vowed that Israel’s plans to colonize the land would go ahead. [++]

"[The court] has made its decision, now let them enforce it!" - Asshole Jackson


I keep hearing about this “Palestine” thing.



But it’s not on any map that I look at.

It doesn’t have any actual geographic boundaries, which means it can basically exist everywhere and encompass everything.

So… we’re talking about Narnia.

Palestine as a term stretches back to Egyptian times and has always referred to the land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. This is literally a wikipedia search away.

I’m about two posts away from adding CommunismKills to Tumblr Savior and honestly don’t understand why you all bother (same goes for LuchadoreOfLiberty) BUT VIA FromPalestineWithLove an passport, from 1953, recognizing Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital:


Also, regardless of even Wikipedia it is pretty easy to obtain a history of Palestine and its borders and colonialism in the region and etc…

But also also also also also: Let us say hypothetically, for only a moment, that we are ignoring history and facts and all those things and say there was no location or country or thing which could be called Palestine, does that change one iota that what Israel has done is systematic robbery of land and ethnic cleansing? no, it would not change that. OK, back to reality now where there is an actual “thing” called Palestine consisting of not just land but actual human beings who Historically identify as Palestinian (despite what racist shitheads might say to try and justify their crimes)

But just in case that wasn’t enough for you….

Here’s a map from 1783 labeling Palestine:

Here’s a map from the 1800s identifying Palestine:

and finally here is a map from fucking 1650 labeling and identifying Palestine:

There’s your fucking maps. Happy?

Moral of the story: Add CommunismKills to your Tumblr Savior, do yourself and us all favor.



Stop blockading and shelling Gaza but only if they stop firing missiles at Israel but only if they stop blockading and shelling Gaza but only if they stop firing missiles at Israel but only if they stop blockading and shelling Gaza but only if they stop firing missiles at…

I reject this attempt at analysis.

The US is currently attempting to turn over to the Afghan government control of the lawless prison system the US has long maintained in Bagram and other parts of that country. But that effort is running into a serious problem: namely, the US wants the prisoners to remain there in cages without charges, but the Afghans are insisting that indefinite detention violates their belief in due process.

"Unlike Afghan leaders, Obama fights for power of indefinite military detention" - Greenwald in The Guardian

hahahah all Presidents are such fuckers….

Addendum: Remember, this is similar to the conflict Obama had with the leaders of Iraq. Basically: Iraq and Afghanistan, despite being warzones, seem to be more progressive in re: establishing a rule of law than our current President. Happy Election, everyone!