Fencing with five different Medieval Weapons

Demonstration given by the people at “Gladiatores".The Fencing pieces shown in the video are either interpretations of historical texts or freely combinated sequences.

Source: YouTube

hard pressed to think of a martial arts community as into historical preservation joined w/ modern interpretation as the Rennaissance/Medieval weapons folks



Qajar Trident Spear (Jarid)

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Culture: Persian
  • Place of Origin: Persia
  • Medium: steel, gold, copper, leather, canvas
  • Measurements: overall length: 43.75in (1112mm). Blade length: 14in (360mm) 

This is a rare Persian Qajar Trident Spear or Jarid (throwing spear), from the late 19th century still having its with original shaft. The steel head has serpentine outer blades and a central straight blade. Both sides have chiseled crescent moon and stars on a floral background.

The steel socket has traces of gold decoration. The shaft is mounted with a copper collar and cap, both nicely embossed with repeating floral patterns, the central grip area having a leather/canvas material which has been stabalised with some wire.

Source: Copyright © 2013 Akaal Arms


  brogak: Peace Prize!
  me: eyyyyyyup
of course Obama relaxed internal regulations (Set by the Bush admin!) that prohibited America from selling/giving arms to nations where child soldiers were involved in fighting
but that was a while ago
  brogak: He just wanted to strike a blow against age discrimination. Courageous, if you ask me.