Well, the Washington Post is also a scam, the rump entertainment product of a test-prep rentier on the equally bloated American university industry, and there’s a great and ironic similarity between two scheming profs running a con dispensing advice to the generals and a scheming tabloid running a con by doing the same to the rest of the ruling class.

I suppose everyone will have to be shocked by this latest revelation about the petty venality of our modern-day Scipios, even though it’s the most unsurprising thing in the world. Talk about vanity. Our wars are nothing but, in both the modern and the ecclesiastical sense. The real long con here is on you, America. Your main man Obama is chucking your shitty retirement plan in the meat grinder while a couple of humanities Ph.D.s direct a quadrillion bones or clams of carnage halfway around the world. Your job sucks, you haven’t got any public transportation, your city is on the verge of bankruptcy, and your unpaid parking tickets have been reported to the credit ratings agency, making it impossible to refinance your crap mortgage. Don’t worry, though. Some dude who once expressed some mild skepticism about the non-personnel administrative expenses of the most lavishly, obscenely capitalized entity in the entire world may yet, despite the objections of The Potomac People’s Daily, get confirmed in some big-shot political job that you don’t really care about anyway.

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Sure glad I found IOZ again.

Generally, anyone who points out that the Democratic Party is run by a cabal of megalomaniacal war-loving psychopaths stands accused of sententious holiness on matters of grave, uh, compromise. Usually the accusers are themselves deacons in the church, who perceive in the dissenters an untoward fundamentalism, like Romenys gazing regretfully in the direction of a polygamist compound. They think that the dissenters and dislikers and malcontents and hippies and commies and anarchists and libertarians and minarchists and stoners and survivalists and queer liberationists and reactionaries and crackpots and so on are all too bathed in the fresh blood of the lamb to sully themselves with the dirt of two-party electoral politics. What they can’t appreciate because they are themselves so hopelessly wedded to their faith is that people aren’t troubled by hard choices or bad choices. We’re all obliged to make bad choices all the time, between worse and worst, and to live with them. What people reject is false choice, choice that isn’t choice, heads I win tails you lose choice, life flattened into politics and politics turned into a prisoners dilemma.

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"Well, how about unprincipled abstention? How about the value of not giving a shit? What about indifference? What if the prerequisite to killing the gods isn’t casting down the idols, but simply ceasing to pray?"

I believe that gay people should be allowed to get married in the sense that I believe accused terrorists deserve a trial by jury with full legal representation in the sense that I believe black men should be able to drive automobiles within the legal limits without being pulled over all the time. That is to say that I advocate a situational equality within the context of the society we are given even though such equality is in the broader sense fundamentally absurd. That a state can ban a relationship between individuals, or that a President’s view on the matter is of national significance, is really awful to contemplate. I know marriage is supposed to be some, like, basic physical property of the human universe, paired protons and neutrons or quark spin or some shit or whatever, but really, uh, like, what if the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania banned slightly awkward social acquaintances in which you do have each other’s cell numbers but you don’t really feel comfortable calling even though you need to borrow his pick-up and you’re pretty sure he’d be cool with it but maybe you’ll just text him instead. Then the 3rd Circuit overturns the law on twenty-first amendment grounds. The President of the United States says that although he would probably have sent a private Facebook message, his views on the issue are evolving. Then Joe Biden, literally, explodes.

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If the President says that something should be or IS a Right but still seems to believe that States should have the power to take away those Rights and Equality, then that is a step backwards, not an “evolution”

Iran is not some fictive evil empire; its rulers are not Mings the Merciless. It’s a nation full of people trying to lead decent lives in spite of the corruption and madness of their state, just as America is a nation full of people trying to lead decent lives in spite of the corruption and madness of their state, just as all nations and all peoples are, in their own way, such. War is an unmitigated evil. I’m going to repeat myself here. Accepting (and I don’t) that some wars, sometimes, are truly necessary doesn’t dissolve the evil or absolve people or nations from their participation in them; they can never fully be atoned for or forgiven. And I am talking about, you know, fighting the Nazis! Invading some country for the hell of it, supporting that invasion because you find yourself incapable of mustering sufficient skepticism toward the reporting in the New York Times, for god’s sake? Good lord, don’t quit your day job

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I hate to just plop down the conclusion to a piece, but this contains a crucial point I can’t emphasize enough, even at the risk of being repetitive and repeating IOZ’s repetitions:

Accepting (and I don’t) that some wars, sometimes, are truly necessary doesn’t dissolve the evil or absolve people or nations from their participation in them; they can never fully be atoned for or forgiven.

This I believe to be one of the truths underpinning the tragedy that is the “victors” in war. Even the victors of war (or revolution!) must condemn themselves when all is said done, anything less is not enough. Sadly, this never seems to happen, certainly not when the State wages war.

Did he say anything interesting? Jobs, mortgages, jobs, business, taxes. I seem to recall some generic bellicosity toward Iran and I definitely remember hearing that hoary Albrightism, “the indispensable nation.” I have always enjoyed that phrase. It suggests a single, sad bag of Cheetohs resting lazily between the coil and the glass, refusing to fall into the hopper, and a single, sad, very fat man banging a futile palm against the other side.

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I care for the liveblogging of the SOTU about as much as I do for that of the Republican debates, which is to say, I wish we didn’t pay so much aggravated attention to so much useless nonsense. I checked the text of the speech today, though. Was anyone surprised by the speech? The usual empty promises on that which he cannot control and the usual despicable threats on that which he can and will. Can you read/hear that speech and expect the nation’s trajectory* to change one iota?

*perhaps instead of “trajectory” we should instead call it a sad but much deserved destiny…

there is something fundamentally nuts about a media-sphere in which SOPA etc gets vastly more play & protest than eternal imperial war. This is not to say you can’t care about both.

Also strange is the way in which tumblr Google etc are mobilizing protest. You gotta ask, why? In other words: cui bono? I’d wager they aren’t doing it for our sake.

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Well, look, the change I believe in comes from cultivating mindfulness, equanimity, and compassion. The whole lib shebang, the whole Obama schtick, the wholesale misappropriation of Ghandi’s exhortation to be the change you want to see in the world—oy, outside of a philosophy of rigorous Hindu asceticism it is exactly the platitude it’s become. And that is really the problem with these well-meaning progressives, I mean, the problem other than the problem of their eagerness to return a child-murdering capitalist stooge to the Throne of St. Lincoln for four more years … the problem is an entirely outward-looking vision of transformation; a management-guru spiritualism: five principles, six steps, and seven processes for a better tomorrow, today!
Those FOX dummies! But before all you Jon Steward fans set to congratulating yourselves over your incisive insight into Egypt, you may consider that there was no “government of Hosni Mubarak”; that Hosni Mubarak was merely the head of a military government; that he was ultimately deposed by the military; and that the military is still the government. Now that is not nitpicking. What “New Jerseyans know”, except of course for those who watch FOX, is fundamentally incorrect, not simply a bit off on the details; it reflects the banal, uncritical, deeply parochial, spectacle-obsessed hack journalism of USA Today and MSNBC and the Sulzberger Picayune … in other words, this poll reflects that routine FOX viewers are not necessarily familiar with the same canned bullshit as CNN viewers. Well, okay. Sure.